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Bringing a taste of the Philippines to the US

Philippine-born Alquiros is the talented chef behind the success of many Filipino restaurants/grocers in New Jersey --- either on his own or with grateful partners. Leo has put his education skills in good use. After graduating from Business Administration, major in Marketing, Leo ventured into a career in food research in various flavor and fragrance companies.

As a designer of value-added meat and poultry products, Leo has been known to combine many flavoring and curing techniques, including the creative use of marinades, flavored brines and natural wood smoking. He is also an expert in the selection and use of functional processing ingredients and techniques that maximize product quality, cook yield and shelf stability.

Today, Leo works full time in his restaurants and grocery stores. and despite his many successes, both as a restaurateur and food researcher, Leo remains genial, levelheaded man who has a habit of saying, "As long as you're happy, I'm happy." It's definitely a good philosophy to keep in mind when you're in the restaurant business, because we cannot be any happier with him at the kitchen.